DairyBase: David Binney | Kyogle, NSW region

DairyBase is a quick, easy and essential tool for farm businesses pushing for profit says northern New South Wales dairy farmer David Binney.

A new tool developed by DairyAustralia, DairyBase is a secure, web-based tool that enables dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm business.

After entering their farm data, farmers can then create confidential and comprehensive farm reports to help them understand the overall financial performance of their farm.

Mr Binney milks 350 cows on 100 hectares at Kyogle. He said DairyBase enables farmers to quickly assess all the aspects of their businesses so they can start making decisions to help their bottom line.

“It took me 45 minutes to an hour to input all the information. All I needed was the yearly financials from the accountant and a 12 month summary from my processor and then you are provided instantly with the analysis on your farm.”

“I have done other financial analysis programs before but what I liked about DairyBase was how easy it was to input the data and then get the analysis.”

Mr Binney said DairyBase calculates all the key performance indicators that are essential for decision making, such as around feedbase, labour and the herd.

“It very quickly captures that key information to give you areas that you need to focus on and you can then make changes if you wish to do so.”

Mr Binney said he had compared the results of his low-cost pasture based farm with others in his region through DairyBase and was happy with how he stacked up.

“It shows we are heading in the right direction and that gives us confidence in our decision-making.”

Released in June, DairyBase is of great benefit to dairy farmers who want to understand how the physical and financial aspects of their business are related to improve business performance. All individual farm data remains confidential to the farm business owner.

DairyBase helps farmers to:

  • Compare their own farm business over time
  • Identify opportunities to drive profit and reduce risk
  • Make more informed business decisions
  • Generate comparisons according to farm size, region and production system
  • Create annual reports and forecasts