DairyBase Short User Guide

Quick Guide to DairyBase

Download the User Guide as a PDF (1.04MB)


This user guide is designed as a reference point for dairy farmers and service providers to help with the use of DairyBase.

DairyBase has been established to provide dairy farmers with a web based tool to help manage their farms, and service providers and the Australian industry with a national database of dairy farm performance information. This includes data from the Dairy Farm Monitor Project (DFMP) and other validated Datasets from consultants and service providers at a later date.

DairyBase has been developed by Dairy Australia, in collaboration with DairyNZ, to provide dairy farmers with a web based system to measure their business performance over time and undertake comparative analysis for their business.

If you require further assistance after reviewing this guide contact the DairyBase team at dairybasesupport@dairyaustralia.com.au or on 1800 548 073. If you need a more detailed explanation of DairyBase there is an Expert User Guide which can be downloaded at dairybase.com.au.