Input Checklist

Input Checklist

Data entry resource list

Below are the items we suggest you have in front of you before completing a DairyBase analysis.

Physical data

Farm map or other documents that provide details of land areas, including owned, leased, usable, unusable, milking, support, irrigated and dryland.

Opening and closing livestock numbers for all age groups. Grazing records to calculate the time spent by each livestock class on the milking area, support area or agistment.

Milk Production
Milk production details for milk supplied to the factory for the financial year.

Opening and closing feed quantities for all feed types. Quantities of supplements made on the milking area and on the support area. Quantities of supplements purchased off farm and their purchase price. Quantities of each feed fed on the milking area and quantity fed on the support area.

Fertiliser (this is optional in DairyBase)
Quantities of fertiliser types used including a breakdown of the quantity applied to the milking area.

Rainfall and Irrigation
Annual average rainfall for your farm and the measured rainfall for the year. Megalitres of water applied for irrigated farms.

Number of paid part time and full time staff and the hours they worked. Number of unpaid staff (family) and the hours they worked.

Financial data

Financial statements including Profit and Loss (Income and Expenses), Balance Sheet (Assets and Liabilities) and Livestock Trading Account (Opening and Closing livestock plus sales and purchases). You may want the Profit and Loss (GST Exclusive) from your own
accounting program to provide further detail on the breakdown of income and expenses. Milk Income statement from your milk processor to ensure all payments, including any step-ups, that match the production for the financial year are included. An estimate of the market value of your Land, Water, Vehicles and Plant and Equipment Assets. 

A PDF document of this data entry resource checklist is available here